Kamae: Offense and defense at will

2019.5 KENDOJIDAI Kamae is among the basics of Kendo, and the right Kamae enables body movement that allows for both offense and defense with complete Kikentai-Icchi. Are you aware that your Kamae might have serious issues that need to be fixed? This applies both to the observable Kamae of the body and the unobservable Kamae of the spirit. This topic is always relevant regardless of time. Unlimited variety, freedom in offense and defenseAlways keep an offensive mindset and create all-in pressure  Hamasaki Mitsuru, Hanshi 8th DanBorn in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1949. He went from PL Gakuen High School to Senshu University. After graduating, he was appointed to the Metropolitan Police Department.Won the All Japan Invitational 8th Dan Championship, National Police Team Tournament, National Sports Tournament and the All Japan Prefectural Championship. He also participated in the All Japan Championship. Retired from the Metropolitan Police Department in March 2010. Currently, he is an Honorary Teacher of the Metropolitan Police Department and a director at Senshu University Kendo Club, Nihon University, Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Group, and Hyakurenkan. Physical Kamae and Spiritual KamaeA correct Kamae comes from a correct posture Kamae includes both the observable physical Kamae and the unobservable Kamae of the mind. … Continue reading Kamae: Offense and defense at will