Left foot techniques: Ishii Takeshi, 8th Dan

KENDOJIDAI 2021.2 The left foot is the striking foot. The most important thing to learn is to strike without repositioning it. Being aware of the left foot in Kendo during body movement, Suburi and Uchikomi, can change the quality of Keiko dramatically. In this article, Ishii Sensei explains what you should focus on. Ishii Takeshi, 8th Dan Kyoshi Ishii Takeshi was born in Ibaraki Prefecture in 1958. After graduating from Oko Daiichi High School (now Oko Seiryu High School), he joined the Metropolitan Police Department. He received instruction from Sato Hironobu and Ota Tadanori at the Metropolitan Police Department’s Budo Senka (Special Training) Course. When he was the director of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Kendo Tokuren Squad, he led the Metropolitan Police Department to the national championship. After serving as Deputy Chief Director at the Metropolitan Police Department, he retired in 2008. Currently, he is chief director of the Tokyo Budokan, Tokyo Shudokan, and Koganehara Shokenkai. Kendo is about applying Seme to each other using the Shinai as the mode of transfer, and striking when there is an opening. It is well known that striking on a whim is not appreciated, and if you do not learn to win by applying … Continue reading Left foot techniques: Ishii Takeshi, 8th Dan