Recommendations for enhancing your Keiko (Nippon Sport Science University)

2021.6 KENDOJIDAI Photo: Nishiguchi KunihikoTranslation: Jouke van der Woude What kind of Keiko is done by the students and future Kendo instructors at the Nihon University of Health and Sport Sciences? Kirikaeshi, Uchikomi, Kakarigeiko. Men’s coach Furusawa Nobuaki, and women’s coach Shinzato Chikano, introduce the key points to maintain a sense of immersive tension at all times. Editor’s note: The contents in this article were compiled by the editors based on interviews with the two coaches. Furusawa Nobuaki, 7th Dan Born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1981. After graduation, he joined the Imperial Guard, and took 3rd place in the National Police Championship. After retiring from the Imperial Guard, he studied at the graduate school of the Nippon Sport Science University, and is currently an associate professor at the Department of Martial Arts, Faculty of Sport Science. He is also the director and men’s coach of the university’s Kendo Club. Shinzato Chikano, 7th Dan Born in Okinawa Prefecture in 1982. After graduating from Kōnan Junior & Senior High School, she enrolled at the Nippon Sport Science University and went on to their graduate school while continuing to work as an assistant at the Kendo Research Facility. At the same time as entering … Continue reading Recommendations for enhancing your Keiko (Nippon Sport Science University)