High Quality Kihon Keiko, part 1 (Iwatate Saburo)

KENDOJIDAI 2022.2 Suburi, Uchikomi, Kirikaeshi. It is said that the shortest way to improve is to steadily repeat Kihon Keiko regularly, but a flawed method will cause problems. Kihon Keiko become basics only when they lead to applied techniques. Let’s learn from a top Kendo practitioner how to do high quality Kihon Keiko. Photo: Sasai TakamasaTranslation: Jouke van der Woude It is important to attentively listen to instruction. In order to enrich each Keiko, it is important to clarify issues and to constantly devise and study. Iwatate Saburo, 8th Dan Hanshi Born in Narita City, Chiba Prefecture in 1939. After graduating from Narita High School, he joined the Chiba Prefectural Police, where he received instruction from Itoga Kenichi, Mabuchi Kokichi, and other instructors. After working as a Kendo instructor for the Chiba Prefectural Police, he retired. He is currently teaching Kendo to people of all ages at the Shofukan Dojo in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture. He is the president of the All Japan Kenyukai, vice president of the All Japan Kendo Dojo Federation, and instructor of the Shobi Gakuen University Kendo Club. Maximum effort in Dan examinations During Dan examinations, you will have your Kendo valued by the jury. Even if you … Continue reading High Quality Kihon Keiko, part 1 (Iwatate Saburo)