Find the three opportunities to strike (Saito Yuichi)

2022.10 KENDOJIDAI Composition: Teraoka TomoyukiPhotography: Nishiguchi Kunihiko Translation: Jouke van der Woude Recently, passing the eighth-dan examination has become extremely difficult, but Saito Yuichi successfully passed the exam this spring by overcoming this high hurdle. Saito stated that changing his approach in applying Seme was the key to his success. By thinking more logically and strategically instead of relying solely on intuition, he was able to identify openings in his opponent’s defenses. What is Saito’s approach to creating opportunities through Seme? Saito Yuichi, Kyoshi 8th Dan Saito Yuichi was born in 1970 in Tokyo. He started practicing Kendo at Funabori Kenshin-kai and continued at Nippon Sport Science University after graduating from Shutoku High School. He has achieved third place in the All-Japan Student Championship. After graduating, he joined Taiyo Shinkin Bank and now works for Insurance Station Co., Ltd. He passed the difficult eighth Dan examination in the spring of 2022 on his 11th attempt, creating openings by applying Seme instead of waiting for his opponent. Applying Seme for openings rather than waiting and reacting I passed the 8th Dan examination on my 11th attempt this spring. What I feel after passing is that it was a completely different feeling from my … Continue reading Find the three opportunities to strike (Saito Yuichi)