Overcoming the use of strength (Ijima Akira)

2022.9 KENDOJIDAI Everyone probably has been told to relax their upper body and put strength into their lower body, but just thinking about this does not mean that we can relax our upper body. As we progress from large to small strikes, we slowly learn how to relax as we progress. Ijima Sensei stresses that it is important to balance the amount of power you use. He explains how to train in order to learn how to relax. Ijima Akira (Kyoshi 8th Dan) Born in 1957 in Akita prefecture. Went to Honjo High School and Nippon Sport Science University. After working as research assistant at Nippon Sport Science University, he started working at International Budo University. He has been the coach of both the girls and boys Kendo teams. Currently, he is a professor at International Budo University and the head of the Kendo club. His achievements include participating in the All Japan 8th Dan Tournament, the All Japan Teachers Tournament and the All Japan Tozai Taiko Tournament. Before talking about overcoming the use of strength, we must first consider the state in which we tend to tense up. Generally, this happens when we try to pressure or attack our opponent. … Continue reading Overcoming the use of strength (Ijima Akira)