Tame and follow-through (Suzuki Tsuyoshi)

2023.10 KENDOJIDAI Composition: Teraoka Tomoyuki Photography: Suginou ShinsukeTranslation: Jouke van der Woude Suzuki Tsuyoshi has won the All Japan Kendo Championship title and currently mentors the next generation of practitioners in the Chiba Prefecture Police. He provided a clear explanation of the highly intricate technique known as Tame (roughly: build up). He stated, “To manifest Tame, one must enter into Aiki (a synchronous state with the opponent), and it is within this state of harmony that Tame creates opportunities for successful strikes.” In this article, Suzuki, an accomplished instructor, elaborates on the concept of Tame and the subsequent strikes which are followed through with (known as Uchikiri*). *Uchikiri refers to the noun; follow-through. Uchikiru is the verb; to follow through Suzuki Tsuyoshi, Kyoshi 8th Dan  Born in 1972 in Chiba Prefecture. He graduated from Hosei University after attending Awa High School. He then joined the Chiba Prefecture Police. His achievements include winning the 52nd All Japan Kendo Championship title, securing 2nd place in the All Japan Invitational 7th Dan Championship, participating in the The All Japan TOZAI-TAIKO (East VS.West Japan) KENDO TAIKAI, and achieving 2nd place in the National Athletic Meet, among others. Currently, he serves as an instructor and assistant principal … Continue reading Tame and follow-through (Suzuki Tsuyoshi)