Thoroughly Improve your Shikake-waza (Nabeyama Takahiro)

2023.11 KENDOJIDAI Photography: Nishiguchi KunihikoTranslation: Pepijn Boomgaard The name Nabeyama Takahiro, the 8th Dan leader of the University of Tsukuba, is synonymous with a dynamic Men strike. He uses his left foot to allow him to strike at any moment. This preparation is the basis of his Seme and allows him to freely strike or counter his opponents.  Nabeyama Takahiro (8th Dan) Born in 1969 in Fukuoka. He started Kendo at Imajuku Youth Kendo Club. He graduated from PL Gakuen High School and the University of Tsukuba. As a high school student he won the Inter High individual and team titles. As a university student, he won the All Japan Student Championship. After graduating from university, he entered graduate school and became a researcher. His other achievements include participating in the All Japan Championship 10 times, participating in two World Championships, winning the Kokutai, and winning the All Japan Teachers Championship. Currently, he is an associate professor at the physical education department of the University of Tsukuba, and the men’s coach of the University of Tsukuba Kendo Club. At Imajuku Youth Kendo Club, Yamauchi Masayuki Sensei taught me things such as how to deal with my opponent, how to think of … Continue reading Thoroughly Improve your Shikake-waza (Nabeyama Takahiro)