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EKC (European Kendo Championships) 2019 Video list and results

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1st day Results / Junior and Ladies team [EKC 2019 Junior category, team] 1st prize : Serbia 2nd prize : Russian 3rd prize : France 3rd prize : Czech Republic Junior team final [EKC 2019 lady’s team category] 1st prize : Netherlands 2nd prize : France 3rd prize : Switzerland 3rd prize : Poland lady’s team final 2nd day Results / Junior individual and Men’s team [EKC2019 Junior’s Individual] 1st prize : L. Klyuev (Russia) 2nd prize : J.K. Wright (UK) 3rd prize : R. Kusurgashev (Russia) 3rd prize : M. Cornea (Romania) Junior’s Individual semi-final Junior’s Individual final [EKC2019 Men’s Team] 1st prize : France 2nd prize : Serbia 3rd prize : Poland 3rd prize : Spain Men’s Team final 3rd day Results / Ladies and Men’s individual [EKC2019 Ladies’s Individual] 1st prize : L. Meinberg (Germany) 2nd prize : M. Ponomareva (Russia) 3rd prize : F. Smout (the Netherlands), A. Akila (Greece) Ladies Individual final [EKC2019 Men’s Individual] 1st prize : Nakabayashi (France) 2nd prize : Babos (Hungary) 3rd prize : Bertout (France), Kaczor (Poland) Men’s Individual final