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How to create a kamae to strike at any time

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The puzzling relation between feet and valid strikes Don’t hit with your arms, hit with your legs. Don’t hit with your legs, hit with your waist. In any case the issue lies with the feet. Right leg, left leg. A top level kendoka explains how to realise an ippon by looking at the relation between footwork and valid strikes. Contents 1. How to create a kamae to strike at any time 2. How to add depth to your seme? 3. Valid training for legs to strike at any time Higashi Yoshimi, born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1957, 62 years old. Proceeded from Shōnan High School to Hosei University and after graduation, he is appointed to the Aichi prefectural police. Achievements include All Japan 8th dan Invitational Championship victory, All Japan Championship participation, All Japan East-West Tournament participation etc. After retiring the tokuren, he became an instructor and Aichi Prefectural Police Kendo Chairperson. Retired in March, 2018. Currently, Aichi Prefecture Police Honorary Teacher, Netz Toyota Nagoya Kendo Club Teacher, Seijo University Kendo Club Teacher. In May this year, he was awarded hanshi. You should pay attention to the left leg Apply seme with the left leg Disturb your opponent with the…