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Kendo droplet guard

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Due to the effects of the coronavirus, measures to prevent the spread of infection are essential when Kendo Keiko resumes. Please use this "Kendo Men Shield" as a measure to prevent infection of individual practitioners and as a safety management tool for those responsible. How to use ①Put the droplet guard on the inside of the Mengane. ②Insert the notches on the side and bottom of the droplet guard in line with the Mengane. ③Push the upper part of the droplet guard outward from the inside of the Mengane to make it more stable. Price 8 Euros (not including tax) plus shipping (shipped from the Netherlands or Japan) material Polyethylene, terephthalate Cautions for use This product does not guarantee infection prevention for all practitioners.After use, wipe with a sanitizing sheet and store the product.Do not bend the droplet guard to avoid damage.If the product is damaged, stop using it immediately.If a child is using this product, please check that it is attached correctly.Take adequate precautions against heat stroke.In the unlikely event it doesn’t fit, please refrain from using the droplet guard. concept by Kamijo Takayoshi Kendo Kyoshi 7th-danManufacturer: Michiwa Shoko Co., LTDSales: Kobayashi Office (Kendo Jidai Editing and Production Company)…

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