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Rivalry leads to the title: Morooka Atsuko

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KENDOJIDAI 2021.6 This year's All Japan Kendo Championships were postponed, men's and women's events were held simultaneously and there were no spectators. It was the 20-year-old prospect Morooka Atsuko who won this unusual All Japan title. “I will do my best for everyone who supports me,” she said. From her own words and the testimony of those around her, we trace the path of Morooka, who had not been able to train as much as she wanted due to COVID-19 and was in poor health until just before the tournament, and yet rose to the top. Morooka Atsuko, 3rd Dan Born in 2001 in Fukuoka Prefecture. She started Kendo in her second year of elementary school at Fukuoka Jyusei-kan. After graduating from Kyugakuin Junior High School, she went on to Nakamura Gakuen Girls High School, where she was the team's Ippon getter and won the national championship, the Gyokuryu Flag, and the Inter High School Championship. After graduating from high school, she went on to study at Chuo University, where she is currently in her 3rd grade. “How do you feel about being number one in Japan?”The announcer asks, hoping to elicit some words of happiness, “Well..., I don't really feel…

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