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The admired Men-strike of Mito Kiryo: What is the method behind it?

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KENDOJIDAI 2017.8 In 1987, coach Kimishima Norichika was assigned to Mito Junior College, which is the predecessor of Mito Kiryo High School. Since then, he has accumulated many brilliant achievements, including 2 Inter-High team championships, 4 individual championships and 2 time runner up at the National High School Invitational Chamionship. “I haven’t taught them ways to win, I believe I’ve taught them winning itself consistently for 30 years.” This school's Kendo emits a dazzling light in the high school Kendo world but how is it shaped? The Men-strike of Mito Kiryo is admired by everyone. What is the philosophy and training method of acquiring the Kendo that lasts for a lifetime? Core strength: Athlete-like circuit training Mito Kiryo places a great deal of emphasis on body building such as…

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