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How to face daily practice and suburi

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Furusawa Nobuaki has had brilliant results in high school, university and at the police until now. Currently, he is fostering that experience and as the men’s coach of the Japan Sports Education University Kendo Club he is making full use of his ability. We have asked Furusawa, who says that “Suburi is self confrontation” about the importance of Suburi and what he focuses on as an instructor. Contents 1. How to face daily practice and Suburi 2. Master blade angle and Tenouchi with versatile Suburi 3. Interlink shoulder, elbow, wrist and Tenouchi Furusawa Nobuaki, Renshi 6th dan Born in Kumamoto Prefecture 1981, 36 years old. He went from Aso High School to Japan Sports Education University after which he was appointed to the Imperial Police. In high school, he won the Gyokuryuki Tournament and became 2nd in the All Japan High school Championship twice, and took back to back titles in the National Sports Tournament. In his university days he took 2nd place in the All Japan Student Championship, and won the Kanto Student Championship. In his days at the Imperial Police, he won the National Police Championship third prize. After retiring from the Imperial Police Department, he became a…

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