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How to make a good kendo environment for juniors: Kurogi Yoshinobu

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There are approximately 10,000 people in Europe that posses a dan grade among a total kendo population of approximately 20,000. The kendo population is small compared to Japan, as is the number of children. Furthermore, the quantity of training days and tournaments are also limited. Both in Japan and overseas many children who start kendo do so inspired by their parents. However, it can be painful, challenging and the repetitive nature of basic training can make it hard for children to stay interested. Outside of Japan, it is even more difficult to keep children interested in continuing kendo. Under such circumstances, Wakakoma Kenshikai in Belgium is home to 40 boys and girls, and these children have fun and do their best in keiko. Young national squad members who participate in the WKC take care of the children. It is a very warm dojo. Mr. Yoshinobu Kurogi is at the center of this dojo. He was transferred to Europe in 1990, and founded Renshinjuku Dojo in the Netherlands. He loves children and it is striking to see how he talks with them on the same level. In this article, we’ve asked about what Kurogi sensei values in teaching boys and girls in…