Irimi: Close for you, far for your opponent, Part 1

If the distance to the opponent is far, it is far for both. However, with Irimi techniques, we can achieve a distance that will be far for your opponent, yet close to you. Ota Tadanori, whose footwork is sharp and light, tells us the secrets of this art. Ota Tadanori, 8th Dan Hanshi Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1941. He received sword training from Fukuoka Akira Sensei, a graduate of Shudo Gakuin, and advanced to the Metropolitan Police Department after graduating from Sosa High School. He made numerous achievements as a competitor and instructor, served as Chief Instructor of Kendo at the Metropolitan Police Department, and retired in 2000. He is currently the Executive Director of the All Japan Kendo Dojo Federation and a lecturer at Nippon Budo Gakuen. Footwork and body movementPrinciples of the sword for a broader horizon The theme of “Irimi” is a difficult one. Specifically in the Kodachi Kendo Kata, “Irimi” means to go in and apply Seme to the opponent’s hands with full spirit and to change position flexibly in order to win. The Seme and the strike must be unified. In the Kodachi Kata, you can learn the sequence of these actions, which in … Continue reading Irimi: Close for you, far for your opponent, Part 1