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Hayashi Kunio : Toughest exam in the world, vol.3 keiko towards the 8th dan examination

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2019.4 KENDOJIDAI Kendo dan examinations require skill level and correct kendo in the training process regardless of age. In particular, the 8th dan examination is the most difficult examination with a pass rate of 0.7%. First of all, I will review the analysis of the 8th dan examination and the reviews of the judges over the past five years from “Kenso”, a monthly magazine published by the All Japan Kendo Federation. In addition, I will examine the 8th dan examination based on the knowledge gained by judging it, and the guidance practice I gave to candidates. Hayashi Kunio / Born in 1944 in Gifu Prefecture. Emeritus Professor of the Chukyo University, Chukyo University Kendo Club Director, 8th dan in kendo. Keiko towards 8th dan examination After the Kyoto tournament in May 2018, an email arrived from Mr. K, a graduate of my university, saying, “I'm preparing for my 8th dan examination but it’s not going well. Can you have a look at it sometime?” I replied: “Anytime you like”. He brought three swordsmen with him, so we practiced tachiai, keiko and kihon keiko. He asked whether they could come again, and I said yes. By invitation of Mr. K, 12 people…