Kendo Technique Explanations


Arima Mitsuo

Arima Mitsuo, born 1943 in Okayama prefecture, 74 years old. From Saidaiji High School to Osaka prefectural police officer. Became 2nd and 3rd in All Japan Championship Tournament 3 times. Won National Police Team Championship 9 times and Individual victory 1 time. Meiji Village Kendo Championship 2 times, participated in All Japan East West Tournament. Currently, Osaka Prefecture Police Kendo Honorary Teacher and Toll Express Co. Instructor. Hanshi 8th dan.

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Chiba Masashi

Chiba Masashi / Born in Miyagi prefecture in 1944. After graduating from Kogotanourin High School, he was hired by the Metropolitan Police Department. 3 All Japan Championship titles, 2 World team Championship titles, 4 National Police Team Championship titles, 1 National Sports Tournament Title, 1 Meiji village Kendo Championship title. Former occupation; the Metropolitan Police Department honorary teacher Kendo, Hitotsubashi University Instructor. Hanshi 8th dan.

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Funatsu Shinji

Funatsu Shinji
Kyoshi 8th dan, born in Nagasaki prefecture in 1955. After graduating from Saikai Gakuen High School, he worked for Osaka Police. Major achievements include winning the All Japan Invitational 8th dan Championship twice, winning the World Championship Team category, winning the National Police Team Championship, participation in the All Japan Kendo Championship. Currently, Chief Instructor of Osaka Police Kendo Club.

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Furusawa Nobuaki

Furusawa Nobuaki, Renshi 6th dan
Born in Kumamoto Prefecture 1981, 36 years old. From Aso High School through Japan Sports Education University, he is appointed to the Imperial Police. In high school, he won the Gyokuryuki Tournament and became 2nd in the All Japan Highschool Championship twice, and took 2 consecutive victories in the National Sports Tournament. In his university days he took 2nd place in the All Japan Student Championship, and wont the Kanto Student Championship. In the age of the Imperial Wrestling Police, he won the national police championship third prize. After retiring from the Imperial Police Department, he became a masters student at Japan Sports Education University, and currently he is Assistant Professor of Martial Arts Education, Faculty of Sports Culture at the Japan Sports Education University.

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Harada Satoru

Harada Satoru, Kyoshi 7th Dan
Born in Fukushima Prefecture in 1973. He went from Fukushima High School to Tsukuba University. After graduating, joined the Metropolitan Police Department. He has taken the All Japan Championship title once, 2nd place twice and 3rd place three times. In the National Police Team Tournament, he has taken the title 3 times and participated in the WKC. He is currently director of the Metropolitan Police Department.

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Hayashi Kunio

Hayashi Kunio / Born in 1944 in Gifu Prefecture. Emeritus Professor of the Chukyo University, Chukyo University Kendo Club Director, 8th dan in kendo.

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Higashi Yoshimi

Higashi Yoshimi, born in Kagoshima prefecture in 1957, 62 years old. Proceeded from Shōnan High School to Hosei University and after graduation, he is appointed to the Aichi prefectural police. Achievements include All Japan 8th dan Invitational Championship victory, All Japan Championship participation, All Japan East-West Tournament participation etc. After retiring the tokuren, he became an instructor and Aichi Prefectural Police Kendo Chairperson. Retired in March, 2018. Currently, Aichi Prefecture Police Honorary Teacher, Netz Toyota Nagoya Kendo Club Teacher, Seijo University Kendo Club Teacher. In May this year, he was awarded hanshi.

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Hojo Masaomi

Hojo Masaomi
Kyoshi 7th dan, born 1974 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Proceeded to Nippon Sport Science University from Yokohama High School and after the graduation, served at the Kanagawa Prefectural Police. World championship individual winner, All-Japan Championship third place, National Police Team Championship winner, National Sports Tournament winner. Currently, Kanagawa Police Kendo teacher.

Ijima Akira

Ijima Akira, 8th dan kyoshi, born 1957 in Akita prefecture. Advances to Nihon Taiiku University from Honjo High. After being teacher’s assistin at Nihon Taiiku University, he moved to International Budo University. After being the coach of the kendo club’s ladies and men, he is currently the professor at the university and the general director of the kendo club. Participated in the National Teachers Championship, All Japan East West tournament etc.

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Iwakiri Kimiharu

Iwakiri Kimiharu Kyōshi 8th Dan.
Born 1966 in Miyazaki prefecture, 51 years old. Moved from Kōchi Highschool to the International Budo University, and became a teacher there upon graduating. Participated in the All Japan East-West Tournament, National Sports tournament, National Teachers Tournament, and the Inter Prefectural Tournament, a.o. Currently professor and coach of the International Budo Universities’ kendo club.

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Iwatate Saburo

Iwatate Saburo 8th dan Hanshi
Born in 1939 in Chiba Prefecture. After graduating from Chiba Prefecture Narita High School, he got a job at Chiba Prefecture Police. After retiring from the Tokuren, he served as a Kanto District Police School Instructor, and Chiba Prefectural Police Kendo Head Teacher. Starting in 1978 Iwatate began teaching at the kendojo Shofukan and a number of swordsmen from Japan as well as overseas have gathered to ask for the guidance of Noboru Iwadate.
Currently, he is the director of Shofukan Dojo, Shobi Gakuen University Kendo Head Teacher, the All-Japan Kendo Federation Councilor, All Japan Kendo Federation Vice-President, and the All Japan Senior-Kenyukai Chairman.

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Kamei Toru

Kamei Toru, born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1954. Went from Kyushu Gakuin High School to Meiji University. Retired Kumamoto Police Chief Teacher. Major achievements include 2nd place in the All Japan Championships, participation in the World Kendo Championships, participation in all Japan Prefectural Championships, All Japan East-West Tournament, All
Japan Police Championship First Division title, National Sports Tournament title, All Japan Invitational 8th dan Championship 2nd & 3rd place, All Japan Invitational 7th dan Championship 2 titles, Iwate Prefecture Invitational 7th dan Championship 3 titles.

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Kawakami Arimitsu

Kawakami Arimitsu (Associate Professor, Kokushikan University)
Born in 1974 in Osaka Prefecture. After going to Tsukuba University from PL Gakuen High School and after completing his master he became an Education Engineer. After working as a Japan Airlines Second High School teacher, he became a Kokushikan University teacher. Participated in the All Japan Championships, National Teachers Tournament, National Sports Tournament etc. Currently, associate professor at Kokushikan University. 7th dan in kendo.

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Matsuwaki Shinsuke

Matsuwaki Shinsuke
7th dan, born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1978. After graduating from Toyo Daihimeji High School, he entered Nihon University. After graduation, he worked at the Metropolitan Police Department. Currently serving as assistant instructor of the 4th riot police squad. He has participated in the All Japan Championships, won the World Kendo Team Championship and the All Japan Police Team Championship.

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Nabeyama Takahiro

Nabeyama Takahiro Kyoshi 8th Dan / born in 1969 in Fukuoka prefecture. Started kendo at Imajuku kendo club, and graduated from PL gakuen high school to Tsukuba university. In his student days, he attained brilliant achievements such as Inter-High individual & team competition 1st place, and All Japan student team championship 1st place. After graduating from university, he took the path of researcher through the graduate school of the same university. Currently Nabeyama is associate professor of physical education at university of Tsukuba, and men’s coach of the university Tsukuba’s kendo club.

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Nakada Jun

Nakada Jun, kyoshi nanadan.
Born in Chiba prefecture in 1973.
Narashino City Senior High SChool. Senshu University. Joined the Metropolitan Police Department after graduation.
Won the All Japan Police Team Championships three times, fought in the All Japan Kendo Championships, represented Japan in the World Kendo Championships.
Currently a teacher at the Metropolitan Police Department kendo club, in charge of the budo specialization department.

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Onda Kouji

Onda Kouji
Born in Tokyo in 1960, 57 years old. Shutoku High School. Joined the police after graduation.
Won the All Japan Police Team Championship 6 times, participated in the All Japan Kendo Championships, won the All Japan Interprefecture Championship, won the Tomohito shinno 8th dan Tournament 3 times. Managed to win the All Japan 8th dan Championship held in April in his debut. Currently Metropolitan Police Kendo assistant instructor.

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Takahashi Kentaro

Takahashi Kentaro 7th Dan
Professor at Kanto Gakuin University Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1972. From Sugamo High School, he moved to Yokohama National University where he got a master’s degree. He went on to obtain his PhD. at Nippon Sport Science University. Since 2006, he has been physical training coach of the All Japan representatives’. After working at Gunma College of Technology, he became a professor at Kanto Gakuin University, where he is head coach of the Kendo club today.

Takanabe Susumu

Takanabe Susumu kyoshi 7th dan
Born in 1976 in Kumamoto Prefecture. Proceeded from PL Gakuen High School to University of Tsukuba, after graduation, appointed to Kanagawa Prefectural Police. National Police Team Championship victory 4 times · Individual victory 3 times, World Championship Team victory & 3rd place, All Japan Championship victory etc. Currently, Kanagawa Prefecture Police Tokuren Captain.

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Takenaka Kentaro

Takenaka Kentaro
Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1972. He attended PL Gakuen High School and Tsukuba University. After graduating, he became a Tottori Prefectural High School Teacher and afterwards a faculty member at Kanoya University of Physical Education. Major achievements include 2nd place in the World Championships Individual category, 2nd place in National Teachers’ Team Championship and the title for National Teachers Individual Championship, participation in the All-Japan Championships, 2nd place in All-Japan East-West Tournament and 2nd place in the All-Japan Invitational 7th dan Championship.

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Tanaka Hiroaki

Tanaka Hiroaki
Born in Saga in 1958. Entered Kokushikan University after Sagakita High School. After graduation, he served as a member of Gedatsukai. Currently, Tanaka Hiroaki serves as the director of the Gedatsurenshinkai. Won 1st and 2nd place of the All-Japan Prefectural Kendo Championship, participated in the All-Japan East-West Kendo Tournament. As an instructor, he has led his team to the 3rd place in the All-Japan Kendo Rensei Championship Elementary School Division and became the runner-up of the Mito National Championship Elementary School Division.

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Tani Katsuhiko

Tani Katsuhiko Kyoshi 8th dan
Born in 1957, he is from Gunma prefecture. After graduating from Niijima Gakuen High School to Tsukuba University, he became a high school teacher in Gunma Prefecture. Major achievements include winning the 10th All Japan Selection 8th Dan Championship and two times runner up, participating in the All Japan Championships, winning National Teachers’ Team Championship, and participating in the All Japan East – West Tournament. Retired from teaching as last year.

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Teramoto Shoji

Teramoto Shoji
Born in Kumamoto prefecture in 1975. Started kendo at the Shiratsubo Kendo Aiiku Kai, and advanced to Karyo Junior High, Kumamoto University of Technology High School and International Budo University. Although Teramoto Shoji was not blessed with big titles during his student days, his talent bloomed at the Osaka Prefectural Police where he advanced after college graduation. Teramoto played as the center player of the team and was elected to the Japan national team for the World Championships. During the 55th All-Japan Championships tournament he became the best of Japan and in the 14th World Championships tournament held in Brazil in 2009, he achieved an individual and team victory as a captain. Currently, as Osaka Prefectural Police Kendo Teacher, Teramoto sensei is teaching Kendo at Osaka Prefecture Police School. 7th Dan Kyoshi.

Yamashita Katsuhisa

Yamashita Katsuhisa, kyoshi hachidan.
Born in Miyazaki prefecture in 1967. Miyazaki Kenritsu Takachiho High School.
Tsukuba University. Became a middle school teacher after university.
Runner-up in the All Japan Interprefecture Tournament, second place at the All Japan Teachers and Educational Staff Tournament. Currently working at the Ibaraki prefectural office.

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