8th Dan Kendo lessons of Chiba Masashi KENDO TECHNIQUE

Kendo lessons of Chiba Masashi vol. 2 : How to perform snappy strikes


Everybody does Uchikomi Keiko and you may break a good sweat from it, but you can’t expect it to be effective if you merely go for the opportunity that presents itself. The reason we do Uchikomi is to make Ippons when it matters. So it is better to do Uchikomi that leads to Ippons.
Without techniques, you can’t hit your opponent in Kendo. So it is important to perform all the imaginable techniques during Uchikomi Keiko. Then you can test them out and make them your own during free Jigeiko.
First, you need to be able to do Uchikomi that is always conform with the prerequisites for valid strikes. It is not a simple thing to score every strike even if the targets are open. Try to be conscious of how you handle your Tenouchi and your footwork, and strike with a correct posture.
It is important to always adjust while keeping a corresponding scenario in mind. I believe that this is an effective way of doing Uchikomi Keiko.

Chiba Masashi
Born in Miyagi prefecture in 1945. After graduating from Kogota Agriculture and Forestry High School, he was hired by the Metropolitan Police Department. 3 All Japan Championship titles, 2 World team Championship titles, 4 National Police Team Championship titles, 1 National Sports Tournament Title, 1 Meiji village Kendo Championship title. Former occupation; the Metropolitan Police Department honorary teacher of Kendo, Hitotsubashi University Instructor. Hanshi 8th dan.

Photo : Tokue Masayuki
Video : Shiraito Katsuya

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