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KendoStar UK https://kendostar.com/ mail@kendostar.com KendoStar offers FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING on ALL orders! The KendoStar brand was launched by Kendo teacher, and Kendogu professional – Andy Fisher, with the goal of bringing top quality, Japanese Kendo equipment to the Kendoka of the world. Further, it is our goal to offer equipment that is specifically designed and selected to cater to the specific needs of Kendoka outside of Japan. With KendoStar you can be assured of exceptional quality, delivered with unrivalled service.

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Tozando Japan https://www.tozando.com/ Telephone:
(Weekdays 9:00-18:00
Japanese Time, English Speaking Staff)
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Tozando was established in 1989 and for the past 30 years we have been providing quality budo equipment to not only Japan, but also the world.
Based in Kyoto, we are well known for our dedicated tailors providing specialised kendo uniforms in both traditional and contemporary styles as well as our kendo bogu.
Over time, we have grown to become industry leaders in both quality and innovation. Through our partnership with renowned bogu maker Mitsuboshi, we provide equipment to kendoka of all backgrounds. Whether they are top-level competitors or enthusiastic beginners just starting their shugyo.
Our dedicated workshop in Iwate prefecture specialises in made to order. We are more than happy to undertake custom projects and work directly with you to get the equipment you need.
We also have Japan’s largest budo-gu logistics centre, serving both domestic and international markets. So even if you live far away from Japan; we can get you what you need, when you need it.
Tozando was founded on the principle of bringing the benefits of budo to the world and we would love to help you on your kendo journey. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!
Se Bogu Artigos Esportivos Brazil http//:www.sebogu.com.br sac@sebogu.com.br Hello, my name is Lili. My family and I own a kendo shop in Sao Paulo. Brazil, located in Liberdade Neighbourhood, also known as the Japantown of the city.
My father was born in South Korea and my mom is Nissey, her parents where born in the Fukuoka and Fuji area but she was born here in Brazil.
We are very proud to work with kendo, for us it´s a way of disseminating the Japanese and oriental culture, we feel lucky we can share this lifestyle with our costumers and friends.
Our company started with the lack of equipments and uniformes here in our country, when my father started practing kendo, 13 years ago there was no place to buy other than asking for friends for favors OR going to Japan, which most Kenshis can´t. So he decided to be the FIRST KENDO Shop with a physichal shop and currently a Showroom in Brazil, my father is 3rd Dan of Kendo and practices Iaido aswell.
Gladly, over the years we managed to work in partnertships with all the organs involved in Kendo and Iaido: Brazilian Kendo Confederation, Paulista Kendo Federation and Latin America Confederation. We work as volunteers and we participate on their events throughout the country as much as we can.
Our goal is to provide quality equipments for everyone interested in practising kendo at reasonable prices and with a great costumer service, both pre and post sale.
Kendo24 Germany https://www.kendo24.com/ info@kendo24.com Kendo24 has been founded in 2002 with the aim to bring cheap and high quality kendo equipment to Germany and Europe. From the beginning we did not rely on the resale of conventional equipment, but looked for manufacturers who could meet our personal requirements for kendo equipment.
KEIKODO China Facebook page yangxiaoxu@hotmail.com KEIKODO is located in Beijing, offering the Chinese market with the very top-quality Kendo equipments from Japan and Korea. Besides that, KEIKODO also developing the global market by offering Dojos around the world with various beginner’s equipments: Kendo Bogu, Kendogi, Hakama, and Shinai; and only for customers within our distribution network we offer special custom-made hand-stitched Bogu — KIRIN® Tezashi with best value.
For our Chinese customers, we use WeChat Official Account: 惠光堂KEIKODO for inquiries and online payment. For our International customers, please contact us via email or message us on Facebook directly, since mostly we publish our works on Facebook.
Nine Circles UK https://www.ninecircles.co.uk sales@ninecircles.co.uk Established in 1994, Nine Circles is Europe’s biggest supplier of Kendo clothing, Shinai, Bogu and accessories.

Over the past 25 years we have built our excellent reputation upon our range of top quality products, offered at highly competitive prices delivered with our renowned, near legendary, customer service.

Our friendly team are always on hand to help practitioners with expert advice and we pride ourselves on our speedy and efficient service.

With over 400 Bogu sets, 4000 Shinai and 1500 Kendogi and Hakama ready to ship from our ever expanding warehouse, we can ensure that our customers get the equipment which best matches their needs, in their hands and ready for training within a matter of days.

For the best value, fastest delivery and ultimate support and service, look no further than Nine Circles!

Yamato Budogu
JAPAN https://www.yamatobudogu.com info@yamatobudogu.com
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– High Quality Japanese Martial Arts Equipment –
Directly from JAPAN to your hands!
Take a look at our Original Shinai (https://www.yamatobudogu.com/collections/kendo-shinai), Dogi, Hakama and many other greats items!

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us in English, Spanish and of course Japanese too.
Keeping the Tradition 伝統を守り続ける

LauweMok Netherlands Facebook page lauwemok@gmail.com Custom martial arts bags and Accessoires


We believe kendo equipment is very important. Furthermore, we share the goal of increasing the kendo population and providing them with tools to improve in kendo and as human beings.

So, If you run a bogu shop, could you send us(kendojidai.int@gmail.com) following information? It will also be an opportunity to promote your company to the world’s kendo.

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