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Tani Katsuhiko : The road to higher dan grades vol. 1 Understanding of the principles of the sword


Not only in the grading examination, but also in keiko and shiai your opponent rarely shows openings. According to Hanshi Tani Katsuhiko, high dan-graders should be striving to land true valid strikes according to the basics in such a tense situation. So, we asked Tani sensei about what kind of training process is necessary to achieve this.


Tani Katsuhiko, born in Gunma Prefecture in 1957. He went to the University of Tsukuba from Niijima Gakuen High School and after graduation, became a high school teacher in Gunma Prefecture. Major achievements include the All Japan Invitational 8th Dan Championship 2nd place twice, participation in the All-Japan Championships, the National Teachers Team Championship title and participation in the All Japan East-West Tournament. Currently serving as the director of the Keio University Kendo Club.

What is needed for the higher dan grades is understanding of the principles of the sword

When I think about what high-rank kendo is about, I place the most value on understanding the principles of the sword. The manifesto of kendo is, “Kendo is a way to discipline the human character through the application of the principles of the katana”. If you forget this in the process of learning kendo, I think that you will go in the wrong direction or make a detour no matter how many times you do keiko.

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