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Being conscious of seme is the first step to learning tame


Published on KENDOJIDAI 2018.8

During his days in the tokuren, Nakada sensei took on the task of mastering tame after he became aware of seme. While researching tame he rebuild his basics such as kamae and mental attitude. I asked him how he became able to strike without hesitation in heated fights.

Nakada Jun, kyoshi nanadan.
Born in Chiba prefecture in 1973.
Narashino City Senior High SChool.
Senshu University.
Joined the Metropolitan Police Department after graduation.
Won the All Japan Police Team Championships three times, fought in the All Japan Kendo Championships, represented Japan in the World Kendo Championships.
Currently a teacher at the Metropolitan Police Department kendo club, in charge of the budo specialization department.


Breaking your opponent’s spirit without attacking

Tokuren sensei Morishima Takeo (honorary teacher of the Metropolitan Police) told me:”do not hit when there is no opening. If you see an opening, do not let it go to waste. If there is no opening, force one.”

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