8th Dan Kendo lessons of Koda Kunihide KENDO TECHNIQUE

Koda Kunihide’s Kendo instructions Part 3: Shikake-kote


This is the first time Koda Kunihide, Kyoshi 8th Dan and professor of Tsukuba University, does a full instruction series for Kendo Jidai. Harada Satoru, Takanabe Susumu and Murayama Chinatsu are all accomplished fighters who graduated from Tsukuba University. You can take the same instructions they received right here, right now!

  • Part 1: Basic movement
  • Part 2: Shikake-Men
  • Part 3: Shikake-Kote
  • Part 4: Oji-waza against Men
  • Part 5: Oji-waza against Kote
  • Part 6: Keiko methods

Koda Kunihide, born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 1957. He went from Nagasaki East High School to Tsukuba University and became a teacher at the University of Tsukuba after working as a high school teacher at Nagasaki Prefecture. Major achievements include the individual title at the WKC, 3rd place at the All Japan Championships and a National Teachers Tournament title. Professor at the Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Sciences and Director of the Kendo Club at the University of Tsukuba. Kyoshi 8th dan.


The Kote-technique is a technique that can be hit with a small motion because the target area is lower and the distance is shorter than the Men-technique. However, as soon as you detect the opponent’s Kensaki is already rising, it is difficult to connect to an effective strike unless you strike Do. Among other things, catching opportunity, speed and the correct use of Tenouchi are essential for successful Kote-techniques in fights that matter.
For Kote in particular, small, fast up and down swings of the upper limbs are required. Try to the best of your effort not to raise your hands higher than your opponent’s Kote and move towards your opponent’s right hand in a straight line.
Fumikomi is also important. If you perform this technique while being aware of not only using your ankle but also your hip joint, you will get a sharp strike. Be aware that the right foot should land on the floor quickly, not far away. By landing the right foot quickly, the time you spend in the air will be shorter and the speed of the strike will become faster.

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