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How to hit the perfect kote : Takenaka Kentaro




Takenaka Kentaro

Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1972. He attended PL Gakuen High School and Tsukuba University. After graduating, he became a Tottori Prefectural High School Teacher and afterwards a faculty member at Kanoya University of Physical Education. Major achievements include 2nd place in the World Championships Individual category, 2nd place in National Teachers’ Team Championship and the title for National Teachers Individual Championship, participation in the All-Japan Championships, 2nd place in All-Japan East-West Tournament and 2nd place in the All-Japan Invitational 7th dan Championship.

Analyzing trends of defeat. Imbalance in technique when losing

What I feel as a competitor and as a coach is that techniques are often imbalanced when losing. In those cases, there was a tendency to stick to a single technique. For example, concentrating on either men or kote. Although it is necessary to approach shiai with the techniques you are good at, kendo should be done relative to your opponent.

If the manifestation of imbalance of techniques can be read by your opponent, he will take countermeasures. Therefore, I think that a combination of techniques that prevents the opponent from knowing where they are going to land is important.

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