Kendo lessons of Tani Katsuhiko

Tani Katsuhiko : The road to higher dan grades vol. 2 Kendo training is about of cutting away the excess


I would like to see those who aim for higher ranks practice with consideration of how to strike the opponent truthfully and according to the basics.
Of course, the opponent thinks about the same thing, so it is very difficult to land the basic strike. However, if you can do that it will be evidence that you understand the points of seme, tame, opportunity, and sutemi (going all-in).


Tani Katsuhiko, born in Gunma Prefecture in 1957. He went to the University of Tsukuba from Niijima Gakuen High School and after graduation, became a high school teacher in Gunma Prefecture. Major achievements include the All Japan Invitational 8th Dan Championship 2nd place twice, participation in the All-Japan Championships, the National Teachers Team Championship title and participation in the All Japan East-West Tournament. Currently serving as the director of the Keio University Kendo Club.

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