Yokohama 7th Dan tournament : Video and report of quarterfinal to final


Earthquake disaster reconstruction support 5th All Japan Invitational Kendo Seventh Dan Championship (Yokohama 7th Dan tournament) brought back to life.

【Victory】 Keiichi Hashimoto renshi 7th Dan (Saitama · 37 years old)

Ida Technos Corporation. First appearance
Keihoku High School → Teikyo University → Ida Technos Corporation
Major achievements: All Japan Championship participation, All Japan Prefectural championship 1st place, National Sports Tournament 1st place, national business tournament 2nd place, etc.
1st match K M – Furukawa Kousuke (Osaka · 38 years old
2nd match M – M Matsuwaki Shinsuke (Tokyo, 39 years old
3rd match M – M Takanabe Susumu (Kanagawa · 41 years old
Rank decision match  M – Matsuwaki Shinsuke (Tokyo, 39 years old
Quarter-finals M – Hojo Tadaomi (Kanagawa · 41 years old
Semi-finals M –  Gonpei Yasunori( (Tokyo · 40 years old)
Finals T – Matsuwaki Shinsuke (Tokyo, 39 years old)

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