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How to hit the perfect kote : Kamei Toru

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2016.5 KENDOJIDAI Kamei sensei explains: “I think it's the same for any technique, that when you perform it, it’s only natural that you go all in and that it leads to the next technique. Among them, I think kote is a technique that can lead to two- and three-strike combinations. Therefore, I think that it is necessary to strike with particular attention for a sharp seme because it is a nearby target”. Combining the three techniques of kote, men, and tsuki in shiai creates striking opportunities. Kamei Toru, who uses his sword handling freely to seize the openings in opponents, emphasizes that “It is important to strike kote with with the same committed feeling as when you strike men.” Profile Kamei Toru, born in Kumamoto Prefecture in 1954. Went from Kyushu Gakuin High School to Meiji University. Retired Kumamoto Police Chief Teacher. Major achievements include 2nd place in the All Japan Championships, participation in the World Kendo Championships, participation in all Japan Prefectural Championships, All Japan East-West Tournament, All Japan Police Championship First Division title, National Sports Tournament title, All Japan Invitational 8th dan Championship 2nd & 3rd place, All Japan Invitational 7th dan Championship 2 titles, Iwate Prefecture Invitational 7th…

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