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Kendo lessons of Chiba Masashi vol. 3 : Shikake waza for Kote and Men

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Chiba Masashi, the champion of refined lessons on Kendo, also known as “Chiba magic”. Studying this will bring quick improvement. A Jodan expert reveals his secrets to you. Chiba Masashi Chiba Masashi / Born in Miyagi prefecture in 1944. After graduating from Kogotanourin High School, he was hired by the Metropolitan Police Department. 3 All Japan Championship titles, 2 World team Championship titles, 4 National Police Team Championship titles, 1 National Sports Tournament Title, 1 Meiji village Kendo Championship title. Former occupation; the Metropolitan Police Department honorary teacher of Kendo, Hitotsubashi University Instructor. Hanshi 8th dan. Photo : Tokue Masayuki Video : Shiraito Katsuya KendoJidai : 2011.08 3rd lesson:Shikake Waza for Kote and Men. Crushing the will for Seme and offense. The techniques in Kendo are divided into Shikake Waza (initiating attacks) and Oji Waza (counter attacking), and first of all it is necessary to be able to rigorously attack. There is a tendency to think that Shikake Waza means merely attacking first, but you will not get an Ippon unless you create an opening. Just creating momentum by pressuring through strikes and hitting targets on your opponent will likely not get awarded with Ippons. The higher the level, the…

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