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Online Children's Suburi Championship

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Due to the coronavirus, lockdowns and curfews have continued and the days of no Keiko and Shiai have lasted for almost a year. There must be many children who have been training hard at Kendo for a long time, feeling frustrated and disappointed.Kendo Jidai, with the cooperation of Nabeyama Sensei from Tsukuba University, has been conducting online training events. Using this knowledge, we are organizing an "Online Children's Suburi Championship" for the benefit of boy and girl Kenshi who will be playing an active role in the world five to ten years from now. Experiences in Kendo during childhood have a great impact in a Kendo practitioner's career. We will be holding tournament online to help people find their goals and improve even under the current circumstances. Please feel free to join us. How to participate This tournament is divided into four divisions by age. In addition, each age group will be divided into three categories: Please check out the sample video and send us the URL from the application form by posting a video of Suburi taken at home on various social media (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Please make sure to film both the Shinai and the footwork…

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