Kendo lessons of Iwakiri Kimiharu

Iwakiri Kimiharu : How to be aware of “Tame” during kamae and suburi


Strong seme brings strong tame. Strong tame creates powerful ippons.

It is important to attack while applying pressure. This allows us to create tame on the way to our strike. The seme we apply before attacking pressures our opponent. Being able to stay patient until our opponent breaks his kamae or makes a move is what creates tame. Having the ability to create tame adds depth to your kendo. Of course, this is very important for promotion examinations. We asked coach Iwakiri of the International Budo University kendo club, who has produced a great amount of kendoka and kendo teachers, about the way in which tame is taught at his university.

Iwakiri Kimiharu’s Lesson


Iwakiri Kimiharu, kyoshi hachidan
Born in Miyazaki prefecture in 1966.
Miyazaki Kenritsu Takachiho High School.
International Budo University.
Became a teacher at International Budo University after graduating.
Participated in the All Japan East vs. West Tournament, National Sports Tournament, All Japan Teachers and Educational Staff Championships, All Japan Inter Prefecture Championship.
Currently a professor at International Budo University, as well as the coach of the International Budo University kendo club.

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