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FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp. short intense Keiko method

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KENDOJIDAI 2015.5 In order to stay ahead of their rivals, corporate Kendo practitioners have to be creative within the limited amount of Keiko they have. The powerful Fuji Xerox Kendo Club practices only once a week for two hours. The Keiko program is packed with exercises that are designed for actual competition. In this article, we would like to share with you the Keiko that is guaranteed to be effective. There will surely be pointers on improvement here, so please try it. Ishikawa Fumio, Rikkyo University graduate and General Manager of the Kendo Club. He expressed his hope for the members, saying, “I hope, they will become the driving force of the company”.  Coach Miki Tsutomu. Currently, he joins Keiko from the basics to inspire the younger generation. Graduate of Chuo University. Captain Yuji Uehara. He is the brains behind the Kendo Club's efforts to become the best in Japan. Graduate of Chuo University. Iwakawa Chikara. As a candidate for the next captain and a young prospect, he is expected to play an active role in the future. From Waseda University. Keiko where everything is directly related to Ippon: Devise it on your own and put it into practice The Fuji…

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