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Iwatate Saburo Kendo Lecture Secrets of Shofukan 8: Present day student's and teacher's way of thinking

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Iwatate Saburo, Hanshi 8th Dan Born in 1939 in Chiba Prefecture. After graduating from Chiba Prefecture Narita High School, he got a job at Chiba Prefecture Police. Upon retirement from the Tokuren, Iwatate sensei served as a Kanto District Police School Instructor and Chiba Prefectural Police kendo head teacher. Starting in 1978, Iwatate began teaching at the Shofukan Dojo and a number of swordsmen from Japan as well as overseas have gathered to ask for the guidance of Iwatate Saburo. Currently, he is the director of Shofukan, Shobi Gakuen University kendo head teacher, the All-Japan Kendo Federation councilor, All Japan Kendo Federation vice-president and the All Japan Senior-Kenyukai chairman. No matter how old or what Dan grade you areHaving a teacher is essential for improving Kendo In Kendo, I say we do “Keiko” instead of “practice”. Keiko means to "study the past" and learn what our ancestors have left behind. Yagyu Shinkage-ryu teaches the “Sanma no Kurai” which divides the training phases into 3 parts: the learning phase under a teacher, the adjusting phase where one questions the teachings and adjusts accordingly and the phase where it’s being put into practice or Keiko. By repeating this 3 step process, the…

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