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Kendo lessons of Chiba Masashi vol. 1 : Seme, disrupting and striking

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KendoJidai : 2011.08 Chiba Masashi is the champion of refined lessons on Kendo also known as “Chiba magic”. Studying this will bring quick improvement. A Jodan expert reveals his secrets to you. Chiba Masashi Born in Miyagi prefecture in 1944. After graduating from Kogotanourin High School, he was hired by the Metropolitan Police Department. 3 All Japan Championship titles, 2 World team Championship titles, 4 National Police Team Championship titles, 1 National Sports Tournament Title, 1 Meiji village Kendo Championship title. Former occupation; the Metropolitan Police Department honorary teacher of Kendo, Hitotsubashi University Instructor. Hanshi 8th dan. 1st lesson : Seme, disrupting and striking. Merely hitting when it suits you has no value. In Kendo I teach, “Rather than striking with your hands, strike with your feet. Rather than striking with your feet, strike with your waist”. I warn against striking with the hands, and in order to hit a satisfactory Ippon you must pressure your opponent, and disrupt him first.In order to disrupt your opponent, you must first apply Seme, and I believe the first step towards Seme is to advance your Maai. You move into the Maai with a strong sense of preparedness and asses your opponent’s situation.…

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