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July 2018


Championship interview to Masahiro Miyazaki


The 15th All Japan Invitational 8th Dan Championship Victory.
Miyazaki Masahiro (Kanagawa Prefecture Police Chief Operating Kendo Teacher)
Always give your all in practice, in shiai fully exhaust that which is mastered.

As previously reported, Miyazaki Masahiro has accomplished his first consecutive victory in the history of The 15th All Japan Invitational 8th Dan Championship. Miyazaki Sensei has always continued to be the champion of his time in the All Japan Kendo Championship, National Police Championship, and All Japan invitational 7th Dan Championship. He is working at the Kanagawa prefecture police as the chief operating kendo officer, and up until this day does not neglect the thorough practice of basics.

Miyazaki Masahiro
Born 1963 in Kanagawa prefecture, 54 years old. After graduating from Tokai University and Sagami High School, he was appointed to Kanagawa Prefecture Police. 6-time All-Japan Champion, 4-time World Champion in teams and individual, 2-time National Police team Champion, 6 time National Police Champion, Shinno Tomohito 8th Dan Championship 1st place, 7 time All Nippon Invitational Seventh Dan Champion. He has stood at the top of every tournament. In April this year, he won the first consecutive title in the history of the competition at All Japan invitational 8th Dan Championship. Kendo kyoshi 8th Dan. Currently, Kanagawa Prefecture Police Chief Operating Teacher.

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Nostalgic practice interview -Hideyuki Eiga and Naoki Eiga


They walk the silver world as two people.
The remembrance of paths they passed daily once,
changed appearance with the flow of time,
but for the two of them the sight at that time,
is etched in their minds even now.
Hideyuki Eiga and Naoki Eiga.
Hokkaido’s unique brothers’
path of the sword and final destination…

Nostalgic practice interview
Towards what lies ahead and remains unseen

In early December when heavy snow fell in Hokkaido, the Eiga brothers welcomed me to visit their hometown, Kimobetsu. The older brother, Hideyuki was part of a select few to achieve his 8th dan, the highest rank. The younger brother, Naoki, worked with outstanding ability as director of the Hokkaido police kendo tokuren, and as the coach for the Japanese representatives for the 15th world championships held in may 2012.
It has been long since the fancy name “Eiga” has been established in the kendo world. It is over 40 years ago that the elder brother, Hideyuki, swung his shinai in Kimobetsu, Hokkaido. A few years later, as the younger brother, Naoki, started kendo following his brothers’ footsteps, the names of both who pushed on with sincerity quickly spread in the world of kendo. Currently their names still have not faded and shine as bright as ever.
How are they shining forever? After they had an earnest match in Kimobetsu town where it all started, and practiced with their beloved sons and daughter at another place, I listened to their stories.

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Persisting in “faith” Shoji Teramoto


The 4th All Japan Invitational Kendo 7th Dan Championship

Whether it was “after all” or “finally”, Teramoto Shoji, an officer of the Osaka prefecture police, was victorious at the Yokohama 7th Dan Tournament which was held for the fourth time. The past three competitions he was caught up in an idea fix that “7th Dan should be a certain way”. Teramoto who persisted in his faith and came out of his shell was so strong it looked normal. We shall listen about Teramoto’s present, who built an era in the kendo world and in his active career days.

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How to hit the perfect men


Put your hands out at the shortest distance and create striking force by adding your body weight.

The signature technique of Takahiro Nabeyama, the leading instructor at the University of Tsukuba, is his splendid men technique.
Whether it be from close or long range, he executes sharp, astonishing men techniques.
Nabeyama says “It is because you can strike men, the width of your kendo becomes larger”,
and I have asked for important points on mastering the men technique.

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