19th November, 2017 Netherlands National Championship (Individual)


Netherlands National Championship (Individual) has been held in 19th November at Amersfoort. It is one of the biggest competitions in the Netherlands. Many players joined from all over the Netherlands.

In the morning, tournaments for under the age of 14 and 18 were held. In the afternoon, individual for ladies and men&ladies mixed tournaments were held.

There are about 30 dojos in the Netherlands which is as large as Kyushu. The history of Kendo in the Netherlands is as long as 50 years. Mr. Takahiro Nabeyama, the professor of Tsukuba University gives seminar every August after teaching Mr. Kokichi Edo (former professor of Kanazawa University) and Mr. Akira Iijima.

In the section under the age of 14 and 18, despite having an international exchange tournament at Düsseldorf in Germany on Saturday, many children in “Mokuseikan-dojo” participated in and got many prizes .
In the adult section, the players in “Fumetsu-Dojo”, one of the largest dojos in the Netherland, got many prizes.

*Photo : KENDO FAM (Procuced by Alexander, photogorapher in Ukraine)


Under 14

1 – Bo-D Coffa (Mokuseikan)
2 – Noia Pasma (Washinkan Budojo)
3 – Anne van der Gullik (Mokuseikan)
3 – Luuk Vincent (Mokuseikan)
FS – Ryan Ruiter (Mokuseikan)

Jeugd Onder 18

1 – Tristan van Leuven (Mokuseikan)
2 – Jerry Zandstra (Suirankan)
3 – Levi van Krimpen (Renbukan)
3 – Kiran van Helfteren (Mokuseikan)
FS – Bilal El Abassi (Washinkan Budojo)


1 – Pakwan Ratchatasavee (FuMetsu)
2 – Mariëlla van der Schans (Shinbukan)
3 – Fleur Smout (Museido)
3 – Jori Snels (Museido)
FS – Taciser Sevinc (Yushinkan)

Female&Man mixed

1 – Joeri van der Burgh (FuMetsu)
2 – Winston Dollee (FuMetsu)
3 – Pakwan Ratchatasavee (FuMetsu)
3 – Martin van Dijk (Shinbukan)
FS – Bram Verhaegh (Renbukan)


女性部門:決勝戦 Pakwan(不滅道場) vs Mariëlla(不滅道場)

男女混合部門:決勝戦 Winston(不滅道場) vs Joeri(不滅道場)

男女混合部門:準決勝 Pakwan(不滅道場) vs Winston(不滅道場)


Let us know about the result of the match from this form.
If you have pictures, please contact kendojidai.int@gmail.com.

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