Players comment : Pim Willems (Aruba)


I’m really proud that I could represent Aruba in such a big tournament. Most people don’t even know Aruba exists so I had to explain it a lot haha

My opponents where really strong so I can say that I’m satisfied with the results.

I won my first match with 2 men in a short amount of time so I had a good start.

The second match went well too and even though I lost I feel that I defended myself well technically. The other opponent was just faster and that’s why he won.

I learned a lot from my matches. It was my first tournament after starting Budai and my first WKC.
Even though I’ve been training in an event like Budai for only 6 months I can notice a big improvement in how I played my matches. I look forward to many more tournaments in the future.

I really hope Aruba can produce enough players for a team next time so it’s not just individual matches but coming from such a small island only time can tell.


Players comment : Xavier Varela Solano (Ecuador)


This championship has been very emotional in general, especially for me. The fact of being with my brother and fighting this tournament alone and together makes it particularly emotional for me. My opinion is that this championship has strengthened my kendo principles. I think that this is the championship where the Shimpan have given it’s best effort; they have guaranteed a clean tournament with a nice, high end kendo.


Players comment : William Makoto Grosfils (Belgium)


It is the first time that i had the occasion to represent belgium at the world kendo championship so i did not know what i had to expect and the surprise was quiet huge. I have already taken part to several european championships and practised kendo in many different places in Japan but this is totally different. I was really impressed by the global level of non-european countries and by their style of kendo. In Europe we are used to always meet the same kenshis when we take part to different competitions. At the world kendo championship each unknown opponent can surprise you and this is exactly why you always have to be ready for any eventuality. This world kendo championship taught me that the road to be one of the best kenshi is still long and that i still have to practice a lot. I hope that i will have the chance to represent the belgian flag again at the next world kendo championship in 2021 and that I can do a better performance.


Results of the 17th World Kendo Championship


Men’s team result

1st prize : Japan
2nd prize : Korea
3rd prize : Chinese Taipei(Taiwan), United States of America

Fighting spirits :
Wilfried OLIVIER (FRA)
Jonathan BERTOUT (FRA)
Wang Hon KWOK (HKG)
Winston Dollee(NED)
Miodrag DIMIC (SRB)
Edson Jundi TOIDA (BRA)

Winston Dollee(NED)

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Yokohama 7th Dan tournament : video and report of quarterfinal to final


Earthquake disaster reconstruction support 5th All Japan Invitational Kendo Seventh Dan Championship (Yokohama 7th Dan tournament) brought back to life.

【Victory】 Keiichi Hashimoto renshi 7th Dan (Saitama · 37 years old)

Ida Technos Corporation. First appearance
Keihoku High School → Teikyo University → Ida Technos Corporation
Major achievements: All Japan Championship participation, All Japan Prefectural championship 1st place, National Sports Tournament 1st place, national business tournament 2nd place, etc.
1st match K M – Furukawa Kousuke (Osaka · 38 years old
2nd match M – M Matsuwaki Shinsuke (Tokyo, 39 years old
3rd match M – M Takanabe Susumu (Kanagawa · 41 years old
Rank decision match  M – Matsuwaki Shinsuke (Tokyo, 39 years old
Quarter-finals M – Hojo Tadaomi (Kanagawa · 41 years old
Semi-finals M –  Gonpei Yasunori( (Tokyo · 40 years old)
Finals T – Matsuwaki Shinsuke (Tokyo, 39 years old)

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