We are writing this post because we’d like to promote your business on our media.

Kendo Jidai was launched in 1974 and is the biggest Japanese kendo magazine today.
The magazine contains articles and interviews about strong and famous Japanese kendo competitors and teachers.
There were not many non-Japanese sources of information regarding kendo. It is our hope that by translating these articles we can bring everybody in the world a little bit closer to the Japanese kendo world, and provide knowledge, goals and inspiration.

Similar to knowledge, we believe kendo equipment is very important. Furthermore, we share the goal of increasing the kendo population and providing them with tools to improve in kendo and as human beings.

So, could you send us( following information? As the European Kendo Championship will be held from the 24th of next week, we expect more access. It will also be an opportunity to promote your company to the world’s kendo.

1: The official name of the shop
2: URL
3: Contact information (contact form URL or e-mail)
4: Store introduction (handling products and PR points / around word count 200)

This is totally free as a trial, but we are also planning advertisement content in the future.

We are very happy if you cooperate with us.

Best Regards,
Kendo Jidai International

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