Takahashi Moeko, 57th All Japan Ladies Championship interview



57th All Japan Ladies Championship interview.
Patience and judgement
Takahashi Moeko (Kanagawa)

The 57th All Japan Women’s Championships.
Takahashi again subdued the great battle centered around the WKC representatives.
“Patience and judgement”
Takahashi showed her maximum ability in a situation where even a one slip of the mind can be fatal.
We have asked her about what she thought about while fighting.


Takahashi Moeko / Born in Niigata Prefecture in 1993, 24 years old. Picked up the shinai at Shigakukan Dojo. Went from Moriya high school to Hosei university, and after graduation started serving as a police officer in Kanagawa. All Japan Ladies Student Championship titles (team / individual), 3 WKC team titles, 2 (consecutive) All Japan Ladies Championship titles. 4th dan.

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