Great Britain’s J.K. Wright: This EKC inspired my Kendo


JK Wright is born from a British father and a Japanese mother. He started kendo from the age of six, and has 10 years of kendo history up until now. He is an avid young man who goes to Wakaba Dojo in London three times a week and also does suburi in his home garden. He also watches kendo online and the Kendo of Ando Sho and Hoshiko Keita’s movements are his ideals.
That effort has come to fruition. He is now one of the best players in the UK. This was his first appearance of EKC and he was very much expected to win. However…….
“I was in good shape today but I was nervous in the final. I’m very sorry. I want to win the next time.”
He said that today’s matches were big stimulus for him. He is keen to fight against Japanese and Korean players in the World Kendo Championships in the future.

EKC(European Kendo Championships) 2019 Junior Individual final : J.K. Wright – L. Klyuev

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