Methods to improve your kendo mindset

Yano Hiromitsu: Methods to improve your kendo mindset vol.5 How to set clear goals


Yano Hiromitsu

Born in Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture in 1968.
Graduated from Tokai University’s Faculty of Physical Education in kendo followed by the
Tokai University Graduate School of Physical Education (Sports Psychology). Graduated
from Nagoya University Graduate School of Education and Development Science
(Psychology). Ph.D.(Psychology).
Currently a professor at the Kochi University Department of Education. As a sports
psychology specialist, he worked on support for various competitions and at the same time
directed the Kendo Club at Kochi university. He is also active internationally, including the
position of Swedish National Kendo Team Director (2006). He has consistently developed
research activities focusing on the connection between mind and body. Participated in the All
Japan East-West Kendo Tournament receiving the Excellent Match Award. Kendo 7th Dan

How to set clear goals

No matter how wonderful a swordsman you are, if you only repeat the same Keiko content with vaguely decided goals you will end up in a rut.
A rut is a habit or pattern of behavior that has become dull and unproductive but is hard to change.

The important thing to break through a rut is setting goals. Continuing to work without a goal is like walking endlessly through a dark forest with no visible exit. In such a situation a goal is a ray of light reaching from beyond the darkness.

Targets should be set for the long, medium, and short term, and all must be realistic.

Goals that are too far from reality can lead to a feeling of hopelessness. It is important to set goals at a level that can be achieved by working hard.

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