Methods to improve your kendo mindset

Methods to improve your kendo mindset vol.6 Time management for Dan examinations


Yano Hiromitsu

Born in Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture in 1968.
Graduated from Tokai University’s Faculty of Physical Education in kendo followed by the
Tokai University Graduate School of Physical Education (Sports Psychology). Graduated
from Nagoya University Graduate School of Education and Development Science
(Psychology). Ph.D.(Psychology).
Currently a professor at the Kochi University Department of Education. As a sports
psychology specialist, he worked on support for various competitions and at the same time
directed the Kendo Club at Kochi university. He is also active internationally, including the
position of Swedish National Kendo Team Director (2006). He has consistently developed
research activities focusing on the connection between mind and body. Participated in the All
Japan East-West Kendo Tournament receiving the Excellent Match Award. Kendo 7th Dan

Time management for Dan examinations

What kind of efforts are you making to face your Dan examinations? If you were about to take the test without any preparations, why not take this opportunity to reconsider the path towards your examination?

Kendo dan examinations are conducted in unfamiliar places and with a unique sense of tension. Candidates will not be able to pass their exam in this special situation unless they perform their best within a short Tachiai. Then, what are the pointers to perform according to your real ability examination?

The Undokai (children’s sports tournament held in all elementary schools in Japan) provides us with hints. Successful Undokai will have required careful preparation. A thorough timetable would have been created, based on which rehearsals were conducted, and various countermeasures would have been taken in anticipation of various possible scenarios, from dealing with rainfall to treating injured people. This is how wonderful Undokai are organised. So what do we need to reach the examination?

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