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Last year (2020), the dream stage for high school students, the All Japan Invitational High School Kendo Championship, was canceled due to COVID-19. This year (2021), the tournament was held under thorough infection prevention measures, and it had been a while since the title for the best high school in Japan was awarded. With the new COVID-19 requiring various changes in Kendo, how did powerhouse schools respond and improve their team strength? We will look at the current efforts of the top two schools in the boy's and girl's divisions that have reached the finals of the All Japan Invitational High School Kendo Championship to learn about their methods for improvement. Toin Gakuen High School (Kanagawa), Shimabara High School (Nagasaki) Nakamura Gakuen Girls' High School (Fukuoka) Chikushidai High School (Fukuoka) High School Kendo Jidai vol.1 Composition = Teraoka TomoyukiPhoto = Nishiguchi KunihikoTranslation = Jouke van der Woude Looking back at the history of high school Kendo, there have been several schools that have made their mark, such as PL Gakuen High School, Aso High School, and more recently, Kyushu Gakuin High School. Nakamura Gakuen Girl's High School is the current leader in women's high school Kendo. They won their first…

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