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Eiga Hideyuki Interview

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2021.8 KENDOJIDAI Photography: Sasai TakamasaInterview: Yanagita NaokoTranslation: Pepijn Boomgaard Eiga Hideyuki Born in 1964 in Kimobetsu, Hokkaido. Went to Tokai University Sapporo Senior High School and Tokai University. After graduation, he became a teacher in Hokkaido. His achievements include placing 2nd at the All Japan Championship once and getting 3rd place twice, winning the Nakakuraki, winning the All Japan Interprefectural Tournament twice and getting 2nd and 3rd place once. Currently, he is a teacher at Hokkaido Eniwa-Minami High School. Kendo Kyoshi 8th Dan. Winning the 13th All Japan Kendo 8th Dan Championship Elite Kenshi selected from all over the country compete in this tournament. Eiga Hideyuki won the championship for the first time. Through competing in this tournament, he felt even more gratitude than normal. He felt thankful toward the teacher, friends and students who trained with him. Due to the fact that he was not able to practice as normal because of the pandemic, he learned a lot. While trying to improve himself by implementing new ideas, as well as giving back to his surroundings, he accepted the challenge. The stage: the 8th Dan TournamentThe brothers win the prime minister’s cup In 2021, Eiga Hideyuki won the All Japan 8th…

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