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Footwork and valid strikes (Kiwada Daiki)

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2018.7 KENDOJIDAI It was his defeat on the big stage, in which the Japanese title is on the line, that triggered him to reevaluate his footwork. “As a result of my training, I was able to broaden the scope of my Kendo" says Kiwada. We asked him about the close connection between footwork and valid strikes that he experienced. Kiwada Daiki 7th Dan Kyoshi Born in 1978 in Mie Prefecture. He went on to study at Mie High School and then Chuo University. After graduation, he joined the Osaka Prefectural Police. He was at the frontier of Kendo as a competitor, winning the 60th All Japan Kendo Championship, the World Kendo Championship as a team, and the National Police Championship both individually and as a team. Currently, he is a senior kendo instructor for the Osaka Prefectural Police and teaches kendo to police officers at the Kishiwada Police Station.“It was at the world championships in Italy, where I represented Japan, that I decided to review my footwork. In the final match against South Korea, we were ahead 2-0 when I had to fight in a very important Fukusho match, but I could not protect our score and lost by two Ippon.…