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Hasuji and Shinogi (Yagisawa Makoto)

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2019.6 KENDOJIDAI One of the conditions for valid strikes is the element of Hasuji (blade angle). Striking with the correct blade angle is one of the most important and difficult requirements in Kendo training. At Nippon Sport Science University, students are made aware of the blade angles through the practice of basic Kendo techniques with Bokuto and the practice of the principles of the Katana. “It is important to practice with an awareness of the correct trajectory of the Shinai,” says Yagisawa Makoto, a professor (8th Dan, Kyoshi) at the university. Makoto Yagisawa Professor, Nippon Sport Science UniversityBorn in 1961 in Akita Prefecture, Japan. Graduated from the Department of Martial Arts, Nippon Sport Science University in 1984. Completed the Graduate School of Physical Education, Nippon Sport Science University in 1990.Kendo Kyoshi 8th Dan, head instructor of the Nippon Sport Science University Kendo Club, Vice President of the Nippon Sport Science University.Standing Director of the All Japan School Kendo Federation. Permanent Secretary of the Kanto Student Kendo Federation Alumni Association.Coach of the Finnish team at the 2003 World Kendo Championships in Glasgow. Keiko on Hasuji and Shinogi (sides of the back of the blade) In the philosophy of Kendo, there is the…

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