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Insights on passing 8th Dan examinations, Part 2

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2018.9 KENDOJIDAI Kenshi, who have passed the most difficult test in the world of Kendo – the 8th Dan examination, share their experiences. Here are the insights on passing it. Focusing on being in sync with the opponent for a year Nakada Katsumi (Gunma) Born in Gunma Prefecture in 1971, 46 years old. After graduating from Takasaki Commercial High School, he joined the Gunma Prefectural Police. Currently, he is a technical staff member there. 2 years of modifying Kamae resulting in success  In my daily practice I focus on: Performing a Kirikaeshi in one breathStriking in a single motion without resetting the left footPutting on my Men as soon as possible and ask Senior Sensei for KeikoApplying Seme, disrupting, and going all-in It was about three years ago that my Sensei during high school, Tani Katsuhiko, (8th Dan Kyoshi), told me that I should start preparing for my 8th Dan examination. The first thing I did to prepare for the examination was to modify my Kamae. Specifically, I shortened or lengthened my Tsuka, and tried to stand with my back straight to make my posture cleaner. However, this was very difficult. When taking Kamae, I wasn’t able to strike, and when…