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Interview with All Japan Champion Hoshiko Keita

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KENDOJIDAI 2022.2 Photography: Takamasa SasaiTranslation: Pepijn Boomgaard In 2018, he was selected to participate in the 17th World Kendo Championships at the young age of 20. He also made his appearance in the final match against Korea. In his second appearance in the All Japan Kendo Championship, he successfully became number one in Japan. He proclaimed that his dream is to win three consecutive All Japan Championships. What kind of Kenshi is Hoshiko Keita? Hoshiko Keita Born in 1998 in Aira, Kagoshima prefecture. He started learning Kendo at Shigetomi Kendo Junior Sports Club and Yoshino Kendo Junior Sports Club. After graduating from Kyushu Gakuin High School, he went to the University of Tsukuba. His achievements include 2nd place in the National Dojo Junior Individual Tournament, best 8 in the All Japan Junior High School individual tournament, winning both the individual and team Interhigh title, winning both the individual and team All Japan Student Championship title, and winning the World Kendo Championship team title. After getting 3rd place in his first appearance, he has now finally won the All Japan Kendo Championship. Kendo 4 Dan. After ten years of hard work, he has finally won the All Japan Championship As a child,…