Nishimura Hidehisa. The feat of consecutive All Japan titles



The 66th All Japan Kendo Championship Interview
New ground acquired by self restraint
Nishimura Hidehisa (Kumamoto)

He is the third person to achieve consecutive titles in history, and this is the third title on his name.
Nishimura showed his unrivaled strength and grasped the all Japan Championship title once again.
“At the moment I was almost crushed by pressure, I was confronted with myself”
Overcoming a lot of difficulties, he entered a decisive battle with rivals


Nishimura Hidehisa / Born in 1988 in Oita Prefecture. Started kendo at Mikazuki Kenshikai and progressed to Tsukuba University from Kyushu Gakuin High School. After graduation, he came into office at Kumamoto Prefectural Police. Attained 3 All Japan Championship titles and 3rd place once, one National Police Championships title, a WKC team title and 3rd in the individual category.

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