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Read the movements in your opponent’s body and mind (Ishihara Kazuyuki)

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2021.8 KENDOJIDAI Planning:Teraoka TomoyukiPhotography: Sasai TakamasaTranslation: Jouke van der Woude Kazuyuki Ishihara, 8th Dan Kyoshi from Gunma Prefecture, achieved his long-sought promotion to 8th Dan at the 8th Dan examination last fall. He said that the only type of technique he performed at the examination were those which caught his opponent's initiation, also known as "Okori". We interviewed Ishihara about his training process leading up to the examination, and about his regular Keiko to catch this timing. Kazuyuki Ishihara, 8th Dan Kyoshi Born in 1965 in Gunma Prefecture. After graduating from Maebashi Commercial High School and Nippon Sport Science University, he began teaching at junior high school in Gunma Prefecture. His major achievements include placing third in the All Japan Kendo Championships, winning the team championship in the National Teachers' Kendo Championships, winning at the National Sports Festival, and participating in the All Japan TOZAI-TAIKO(East VS.West Japan) KENDO TAIKAI. In November 2020, he was promoted to 8th Dan. Catching the opponent’s initiation at the 14th try for 8th Dan I believe that the most important goal of a Kenshi is to "catch the initiation". The techniques that capture it are impressive not only to the opponent but also to those who…

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