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Read the movements in your opponent’s body and mind (Ito Harufumi)

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2021.8 KENDOJIDAI Photography: Nishiguchi Kunihiko, Sasai Takamasa Translation: Pepijn Boomgaard, Sato Mariko How can we seize the “Okori (striking at the moment your opponent starts moving)"?Ito Sensei says, "You have to make both your opponent’s body and mind move."In order to read your opponent, it is necessary to learn the process. Ito Harufumi, 8th Dan Hanshi Born in Tokyo in 1941. After graduating from Kamakura Gakuen High School and Takushoku University, he joined the Kanagawa Prefectural Police. He participated in the National Police Tournament, the National Sports Festival, the All Japan TOZAI-TAIKO (East VS.West Japan) KENDO TAIKAI, and the Meiji Mura Tournament. In 1978, he founded the Yobukan Ito Dojo in his home in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where he continues to teach kendo as the director to this day. The Okori is one of the great opportunities to strike. Many people may long for the opportunity to strike the opponent as they are about to emerge. However, in order to strike the Okori, one must pay attention to the steps prior to striking.  First of all, Seme is important as the first step to capture the Okori. Without Seme, there is no moving of the mind and action.  There are three…